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Major Conrad Flapps

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Who is Major Conrad Flapps?

He's a dashing, leather helmeted, grinning aviator, complete with red nose and 8 foot long flying scarf. Major Conrad Flapps' only problem seems to be getting airborne and that’s where the outrageous fun begins as he enlists audience members as his flight crew on stage.

Blending acrobatic comedy, musical parody and zany wit, Major Conrad Flapps "takes off" on the violin with his infamous "Sit-down Square Dances" for the entire audience, "Maritime Jigs", "Cracker Waltzes" and a Blues Band that is guaranteed to bring the house down! It all adds up to splendid family entertainment.

What do audiences in Africa, New Zealand, Scotland, USA, Switzerland and Canada have in common? They have all laughed until they cried at the hilarious antics of Major Conrad Flapps, "Airman Extraordinaire" and the world’s only human airplane!

Major Conrad Flapps has appeared as a guest performer on television’s "Take-Off", "Paul Hann Show" and "The Elephant Show".

Stuart Nemtin is a graduate in theatre from University of British Columbia and the professional teaching programme of Simon Fraser University. Stuart was the first clown in the history of BC Cultural Services to be funded through their artist-in-the-schools programme.

Why Clowning?

Laughter is the shortest distance between two people. Making people laugh is one of the most rewarding, liberating experiences in the world.

For Stuart, clowning creates a precious opportunity to connect heart to heart with people through comic performance. The clown embodies both the innocent, open playfulness of the child and the wisdom and experience of the adult. And when a clown invites an audience to play, they discover a magic, alive, creative part of themselves - the clown within each individual - and bring it out in the open. The audience becomes the stars of the show.

Major Conrad Flapps Shows for Kids

The Traffic Safety Show

Major Conrad Flapps engages young audiences in a interactive presentation on traffic safety. Flapps transforms students into cars, drivers, traffic lanes, and sound effect machines, while hilariously blazing a trail through the "urban jungle".

World in a Flapp Show

As the world's only 'human airplane', Flapps enlists audience volunteers as his flight crew on stage with disasterous comic results! It's a delightful blend of physical, acrobatic and musical comedy. This show is also available in French!

The Power Show

Major Conrad Flapps lands in schools to give kids the tools to handle bullying behaviour. With an emphasis on how to use their power positively, Flapps illustrates the many styles of bullying as well as solutions in a charming and playful manner.


See what others are saying about Major Conrad Flapps!

"Before he left the city, he had more than 550 young people laughing with delight." - Daily News, Chatham, Ontario

"Splendid family entertainment."" - CBC

"His zany act and maniacal smile left crowd of adults in hysterics."" - Moose Jaw Times-Herald

"Major Conrad Flapss is a hugely likeable bundle of barely-surpressed zaniness."" - The Evening Post, Wellington, New Zealand

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