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Who is Major Conrad Flapps?

He's a dashing, leather helmeted, grinning aviator, complete with red nose and 8 foot long flying scarf. Flapps' only problem seems to be getting airborne and that’s where the outrageous fun begins as he enlists audience members as his flight crew on stage.

Blending acrobatic comedy, musical parody and zany wit, Flapps "takes off" on the fiddle with Sit-down Square Dances for the entire audience, Maritime Jigs, Cracker Waltzes, Celtic Madness and a Blues Band that is guaranteed to bring down the house! It all adds up to "splendid family entertainment". (CBC)

What do audiences in Africa, New Zealand, Scotland, U.S.A., Switzerland and Canada have in common? They have ALL laughed 'til they cried at the hilarious antics of Major Conrad Flapps, "Airman Extraordinaire" and the world’s only human airplane!

Major Flapps has appeared as a guest performer on television’s "Take-Off", "Paul Hann Show" and "The Elephant Show.

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